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Whey Protein To Lose Weight? Is That True Or A Myth?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the protein supplement whey protein isolate. It comes from milk and is really popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Its use is mainly to build and keep muscle tissue.

Whey protein has more uses than that. It can also help you lose fat. At the same time, it helps keep your metabolism ticking and gives you the essential amino acids you need to reduce fat.

Does all of this translate into weight loss? Let’s look into the subject a bit more.


More muscles are a good thing. Not only will a body with lean muscle look better than one with fat, muscle burns calories on an ongoing basis (meaning even when you aren’t exercising). At the end of the day, your increased muscle mass will help you take care of your excess body fat.

Thus far, it seems as if whey protein can indeed help you lose weight. But before we make a final judgement, let’s investigate a little bit more.

Calories and Protein

I’m sure you know that if you take in more calories a day than you need, you’re going to gain weight. To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. This means that you need to consume less calories than you need. The thing is, when you do this your body looks for other sources of fuel and starts feeding on muscle and fat. A reduction in fat is fine, but you want to keep your muscle mass. That’s how whey protein can help. Your muscles need protein. Give them enough protein and your body will only feed off fat when you reduce your calories. Whey protein isolate provides the source of high-quality protein your body needs to ensure that it gets enough protein while you’re cutting your calories.

Lose Weight With Whey Protein
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Amino Acids

Whey isolate includes amino acids just like all protein does. Amino acids are the building blocks for your entire body as they:

  • Build cell membranes;
  • Build muscle; and
  • Create antibodies.

They also help burn body fat. In fact some amino acids, like methionine, actually aid in the transportation and metabolism of fat cells.

Another amino acid, Glutamine, which you’ll also fine in whey protein isolate products, will both help your muscles repair and create a feeling of satiety. So you’ll feel full for longer and won’t want to eat as much during the day. And since, you need more energy to break down protein than fat or carbohydrates, your body ends up burning more calories.

Yet another way consuming whey protein isolate can help you lose weight.

Blood Sugar And Insulin Sensitivity

Protein also keeps your blood sugar levels steady and increases insulin sensitivity. This is important because insulin has studies have linked an excess of insulin to weight and fat gain. That’s why you see so many low-carb diets. Insulin is released in response to the consumption of carbohydrates. But when you have low insulin levels, your body will feed on fat reserved for fuel.

In ways that are not so obvious, you can see they whey protein isolate can help you lose weight.

Linda Hamilton

Linda is a certified dietician and life coach. After 5 years of gaining experience with the NHS community, Linda now works on a freelance basis providing nutrition and dietary advice to clients across the UK. She strives to promote positive, practical messages about food and health to treat nutrition related health problems.