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Some Great Weight Loss Workouts For Men Over 50

Being a man over 50 years old can be quite challenging. There are many biological changes that will make you want to change your lifestyle into something healthier. Getting regular exercise is still important at this age because you need to maintain or improve your heart and lung function to enable you to still live life to the fullest despite your age. Exercise also aids in lowering blood pressure and reducing body fat. However, exercising may be a challenge because you weren’t as flexible and as strong as you were before. To help you out, here are some exercises to help you out; here are some exercises that will be perfect for you physique at age 50.

exercise for men over 50
Exercise for men over 50. Courtesy –


Yoga for men over 50
Yoga for men over 50. Courtesy –

Yoga is a great exercise that gives us a lot of benefits. It can decrease many health ailments that a 50 year old man experiences. One week of yoga can already improve respiratory functions drastically. Yoga also improves flexibility and muscle tone. You will be able to handle stress better as well when you do yoga regularly. You can also handle pain better and your heart will be in better condition.

Yoga is very is easy to do. You can try it out at a yoga centre for the first time and then use a home DVD to follow once you can manage to do the basic positions. Yoga is one of the most inexpensive exercises that release stress and tension big time!


Pool exercises, such as swimming, are one of the best exercises because it is incorporated cardio and muscle toning. Being in the water, alone, already improves your cardio and respiratory system. By staying in the water, you are already giving your heart and lungs a workout. Swimming is considered a free exercise because it does not stress your bones and joints. Any movement in the water is already an exercise because going against the pressure of the water is already considered as work. This is an advised exercise for men over 50 because it improves the posture and helps in lowering the risks for osteoporosis and related diseases.

Swimming is a sociable exercise. Everyone in your family will enjoy it. You can do it with your whole family so that everybody gets the benefits of swimming as well.

Weight Training Exercises

Weight training exercise for men over 50
Weight training exercise. Courtesy –

At first, it doesn’t seem right to advise weight training for men over 50. However, the truth is, the older you get; weight training has a more important role in your life. This is for you to be able to move the same that you did on your younger days. The only way to achieve that is by habitually doing weight lifting training. You have to be really careful in doing these exercises so if this is your first time after a really long time in doing weight lifting, you will need the assistance of a fitness expert — someone who can watch you closely and train you on every detail of the exercises.

Aside from all of these, you will need to establish a goal. List down how many hours a week you can work out and where you want to focus- cardio, posture, strength, flexibility, stamina and the like. It is never too late to be healthy.

Terry Bain

Terry has an extensive background in Cardio health. He frequently writes for numerous fitness and sports publications. Terry has designed several smart Cardio workout plans which have turned the sedentary lifestyle of his clients active within a short time. His expert Cardio advice has helped many to shed the extra fat and keep in top shape.

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