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How to Tighten Flabby Skin After Weight Loss?

If you have lost a lot of weight in a small amount of time, loose skin might be a problem for you. From excess skin hanging from the arms, to flabby skin around the belly and sides, to skin sagging from the thighs and legs, loose skin is present in all the areas where there was excess fat. This can be a cause of some discomfort and is quite an embarrassing problem.

When I lost weight, I wanted to feel happy about it, instead I got a ton of skin to deal with, and that was really frustrating. However, I discovered that loose skin was not the end of the world and there are certain things that you can do to tone it up and make it look more normal.

Get Rid of Loose Skin
Get Rid of Loose Skin. Courtesy -

Reasons For Loose Skin

First of all, we need to realize why skin becomes loose so that we can target the core issues. Well, it’s because you’ve lost all this fat, the skin that was surrounding that fat has nowhere to go. There are many factors which control skin’s elasticity, and quickly losing weight means that these factors do not have time to adapt to the change in your physiology and as a result, the skin stays at its original position despite all the fat being lost. Secondly, the fatty areas also stretch out your skin and it is not easy for the cells to return to their original position.

Tighten Loose Skin

Since most of these problems are caused by losing weight too quickly, the best advice is to try to lose weight at a constant and low pace. Try to follow specific diets and exercises which can not only help you lose weight but also build muscle so that skin has something else to rest against. Exercising can also help the cells stretch out and relax and thus, in a way, help them return to their shape.

Remember to stay hydrated
Remember to stay hydrated. Courtesy –

A factor that controls skin elasticity and is in our control is the diet. High protein foods are ideal for helping the skin gain its elasticity since collagen is something which helps in keeping the skin firm, and is made using proteins. So try taking lots of dairy products like cottage cheese and tofu, plants such as beans and seeds, and meat including that of fish and chicken. All of these high protein foods can help.

Second, stay hydrated. Take in lots of water as water helps the cell maintain their shape and turgidity. 8 glasses of water are a must. Together, high protein and water intake can make a noticeable difference in loose skin.

Finally, something that you can do externally for your skin is to apply lots of moisturizer and creams. Cheap, inexpensive creams work just as well as any other creams so do not worry about the cost. Try out certain organic products which contain fruits extracts and are rich in vitamins. Orange peel, cucumber extracts, rose petal extracts and aloe Vera based creams are some examples of natural and organic creams that can be used. Daily exfoliation of the skin is also something that can help as it not only removes dead skin, but also improves blood supply, bringing more nutrients to your skin.

Improve Diet and Use Moisturizers and Organic Creams
Improve Diet and Use Moisturizers and Organic Creams. Courtesy –

Do not give up, and do not stay depressed. This is something you can fix. Just give it time and follow these tips and you would be rid of loose skin.

Linda Hamilton

Linda is a certified dietician and life coach. After 5 years of gaining experience with the NHS community, Linda now works on a freelance basis providing nutrition and dietary advice to clients across the UK. She strives to promote positive, practical messages about food and health to treat nutrition related health problems.

  • thx for the tips after 4 kids i got back to a good shape lucky i add no stretch mark but that loose skin kept me away from bikini


    July 29, 2012

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