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Home Gym Exercise Equipment For Great Workouts At Home

Working out at the gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and even those who attend the gym regularly choose to do some form of exercise at home as well. Investing in home gym exercise equipment is something that should be carefully considered and there are definitely some pieces of equipment with several benefits over others. When working out at home most people have a limited budget and cannot set up a full gym so it is important to carefully pick and choose the items that you want. Here I’m going to look at some of my favourite items that I have at home and I would recommend to anyone setting up their own home gym.

The Most Basic Home Gym Exercise Equipment: Dumbbells

For the cost, these are definitely one of the most valuable items you will buy. Dumbbells allow you to perform a great range of exercises and allow you to tone and build muscle. You can use them as weights to carry when you are doing cardio exercises so they can also be beneficial here. This is the first piece of equipment that I would recommend anyone buys and it comes in a great many forms. If you have a limited budget go for adjustable dumbbells and buy a good number of weights to put on them so you can push yourself to lift more. Along with dumbbells I would highly recommend getting a bench as this allows you to do a great deal more with them.

The Rowing Machine

There is no escaping it, if you want to buy a rowing machine you’re going to have to spend some serious coin. I feel I have too included it in this list as I feel it is one of the most valuable parts of my workout at home. It is one piece of equipment that truly allows you to work out all of your body. It provides an intense cardio workout and also exercises your muscles and can push you to your limit. If you are a budget I would skip the rowing machine but I feel it would be amiss of me if I left it out of this article.

An Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is a very popular piece of home gym exercise equipment and this is largely because it provides an excellent cardio workout without straining the body. There is a huge range of exercise bikes and you will be able to find something to suit your budget, if you can’t afford something new, exercise bikes tend to have a long shelf life so check the classifieds.

A Pull Up Bar

For a great way to build muscles at home the pull up bar is probably unmatched value. There are many modern varieties can be either installed onto a wall or there are ones that you can mount in a doorframe. These devices are not expensive and will allow you to have a great upper body workout at home, after just a few pull-ups you will be left feeling shattered. Attach some free weights to yourself if you feel the exercise is not intense enough!

Kelvin McKenzie

Kelvin wears many hats in the fitness and health industry. He believes in a practical, flexible and sustainable approach to bodybuilding. Initially Kelvin had started bodybuilding as a hobby which turned into passion and later, a successful career. He shares his expertise on strength training and body building to help the GFY community.

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