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Get Washboard Abs With These 3 Best Abs Workout For Men

So you desire to have a perfect body; one that beats all your colleagues and all your friends. Getting slim and fit is of utmost importance to the vast majority. Showing off the best abs is really a dream for many and they strive to get to that level. But there is much more you can do than just the typical and boring stomach-reducing exercises!

Sexy Washboasd Abs
Sexy Washboasd Abs. Courtesy –

You can bring into use many abs workout programs and attain body perfection unlike anyone else. However, in this article I will only touch upon 3 exercises for abs that worked for me and I’m sure will work for most of you out there as well. These exercises are more of a holistic workout that not only work on fastening your metabolism but also ensure that you have nice shaped abs and a tougher, stronger body.

Intense Exercise For Abs

You can start off by employing techniques such as the Renegade dumbbell rows. It is a simple exercise that works hard on your abs and builds onto that area. What you have to do is to lie in a push up position with dumbbells in both of your hands. Balance your body on your left hand initially with the dumbbell held firmly so as to not cause it to slip. Then lift the dumbbell in your right hand up till the waist level. Continue with this exercise for about 30 minutes. If you continue on a regular basis, you shall succeed in your mission!

Grab Those Barbells!

Next up, use front squats for building abs. This is done by holding the barbell right in front of your body and balancing it on your shoulders and crossing your arms in between with your hands closed in the form of a fist. Make sure your elbows are extended out and are balanced on either side so that you can pull the weight appropriately. This exercise is mostly used for shaping the legs but it helps a great deal to build onto the abs as well if carried out in this manner.

Mountain Climbing, Anyone?

Perhaps the most interesting of all of the abs exercises is the mountain climbing exercise. In this, you place your hands flat on the floor and position your body as if you were climbing a mountain – with one of your knees directly under your chest. Then, you start moving and scuffling your feet, left and right. If you have enough stamina, you can also move your hands back and forth to get some more pressure on your abs-building because it will be more of a complete body exercise.

Valuable Advice

It is advisable that you take a break of about 30 seconds after you are done with a certain set of exercises and take a 1-2 minute break after you think you have completed a whole range. The best part about these exercises is that they give you a break from the typical movements of the regular exercises and allow you to exert more energy in your body and hence, add onto the building of your abs more positively.

Therefore, if you are looking for some washboard abs exercises for yourself and aspire to follow the footsteps of your favorite actor, go ahead with these exercises and you shall qualify as a good-body man!

Kelvin McKenzie

Kelvin wears many hats in the fitness and health industry. He believes in a practical, flexible and sustainable approach to bodybuilding. Initially Kelvin had started bodybuilding as a hobby which turned into passion and later, a successful career. He shares his expertise on strength training and body building to help the GFY community.

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