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Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women Who Are 50+

Being over 50 years old means having big time risks on your health. It is not healthy for you anymore to diet and exercise more than 3 times a week. When you reach 50, your lean muscle mass drops along with the bone density. However, there are still a few exercises that will benefit you and your aging body.

These exercises can be done at home. You do not need expensive equipment and you do not need to go to the gym. Make sure that you consult a doctor before trying out any of these exercises.


Walking is a good exercise for anyone, whether you are below or above 50 years old. Make sure you wear proper shoes and clothes. Check with your physician as well on how long you can walk for a day. Take your dog or your partner with you to make it more fun.

Opposite Arm And Leg Raise

I want to mention this exercise in full detail because this is one of the best exercises for women over 50. If you can do this exercise, you can do just about anything at your age.

  • Do an all-fours position. This is the position where both your knees and your palms are on the floor. Just like how you mimic a dog when you play with your kids.
  • Make sure you are looking straight down so that your neck does not get strained during the exercise.
  • Simultaneously raise your right arm and left leg in a straight manner.

This exercise might seem too difficult at first, you will have to try with your legs first. Once you gain momentum that is the time you can incorporate your arms.


Yoga aids in avoiding a lot of discomforts that you experience when you are over 50 years old. It lowers high blood pressure, vision problems, lessens chronic pain, osteoporosis, stress-related symptoms, breathing difficulties and many more.

Weight Training

Weight or strength training exercises for 50 year old women should just be 3 times a week and below for only 30 minutes maximum. Do not go beyond that to make sure that you do not injure yourself. Also remember to keep the weight of your dumbbells to a minimum.

Swimming Or Water Aerobics

This is something you can enjoy with your whole family even if you are over 50. Swimming is low resistance and does not require special equipment. It can burn up to 300 calories every hour. It is a great exercise because it makes use of many muscles in the body at one given time. It enhances endurance and stamina as well.


Stretching exercises reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injury. Stretching is mentioned in this article because this is the best warm up or cool down for any exercise or workout routine that you want to do.

These exercises are designed to assist women over 50 in their daily discomforts. After menopause, you will experience a lot of unpleasant changes in your body.

Exercises are consummate for any age, just be sure that you get an overall check-up from your physician before trying these exercises out. Otherwise, you might seriously injure yourself. You can improve your well-being even if you are over 50, just make sure you do it with proper precaution.

Terry Bain

Terry has an extensive background in Cardio health. He frequently writes for numerous fitness and sports publications. Terry has designed several smart Cardio workout plans which have turned the sedentary lifestyle of his clients active within a short time. His expert Cardio advice has helped many to shed the extra fat and keep in top shape.

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